Section 503 Compliance

503 Self Evaluation Compliance

The online, confidential tool organizes the regulation into manageable pieces, which makes it much easier for federal contractors to efficiently and effectively assess their company’s current status against the 503 requirements to develop a well-informed Affirmative Action Program.

The tool also provides links to the actual regulatory language and integrates best practices identified by government and leading non-profit organizations in customized learning modules.

Companies accessing the 503 Tool can conduct an initial baseline assessment and then use the tool to track progress over time in meeting Section 503’s affirmative action program requirements.

Please contact Leslie Wilson for additional information.

“The USBLN Section 503 Self-Evaluation Compliance Tool has been a very useful way to evaluate Booz Allen Hamilton’s immediate and long-term actions.  It has also created important opportunities for cross-team collaboration as we continue to improve our inclusive workplace culture, support the members of our disability community, and respond to federal regulations.”

Emily Sylling, Lead Associate
Diversity & Inclusion Team, Booz Allen Hamilton