April 13, 2017
Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

By: Nancy Nauheimer, Northern Trust Senior Vice President and Wealth Advisor, Chicagoland BLN Board Chair

On Thursday April 27, 2017, more than three million workplaces will observe the annual ‘Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day’.  The program is designed to expose children to their parents’ workplaces and in so doing help to build community, emphasize the value of education and create an opportunity for children to envision their future potential.

In observance of this day, Chicagoland Business Leadership Network (CBLN) member Northern Trust is hosting a series of educational events and fun-filled activities in its downtown offices for its employees and their children. The event includes a breakfast, opportunities to hear guest speakers and even raffles with kid-friendly prizes.

One of the day’s most powerful messages however, may actually come right as families register for this year’s event. At the bottom of the event’s registration form, employees see the following message:

Our goal is to make our event accessible to all children between the ages of 8 and 18.  Should you or your child need any assistance participating in this event, please contact [us]…

This deliberate communication sends an important reminder to Northern Trust families that children of all abilities are welcome in the workplace. For parents of children with disabilities in particular, this is an affirmation that children of all abilities will one day be entering the workplace – a subtle, yet potentially powerful reminder that helps to reinforce a message of inclusion and the value of disability employment.

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