October 31, 2016
Working together

It’s exciting when programs and people come together for the advancement of disability inclusion. Earlier this year our Rising Leaders program, Greater Houston Business Leadership Network affiliate and the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitation Services (DARS and now named Texas Workforce Commission) collaborated on a very special initiative. The organizations created the Apprenticeship Conference. This event assisted youth with disabilities, specifically those with visual impairments, find a pathway to career success.

The Apprenticeship Conference, “Paving the Pathway to Success,” was held in Houston and attended by approximately 120 parents, consumers, businesses, presenters and community partners.

12 DARS participants attended the conference as part of the DARS Apprenticeship Program. They participated in group skills training to learn skills essential for employment success, including critical thinking, presentation, decision making, interpersonal and soft skills. In the final phase of the apprenticeship program, the students worked closely with representatives from AT&T, Emerson Process Management, KPMG and WG Consulting. Each group presented its project at the Apprenticeship Conference and were evaluated by a panel of judges.

The inaugural Apprenticeship Conference consisted of panels and special presenters. During “Breakfast with the GHBLN” representatives from Whataburger, Chevron, NASA, Principle Partnering Group, Hair International Spa, Union Pacific and other local businesses learned about disability awareness and inclusion from panelist including Microsoft, Bureau of Blindness and Visual Services and United Technologies Corporate Aerospace Systems.

After the Apprenticeship Conference, DARS participants attended the USBLN Conference in Orlando, Fla. as part of the Rising Leadership Academy.

We look forward to future collaborations. To learn more visit our Newsroom.

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