June 14, 2018
DOBE Spotlight Series: Betta Beasley

USBLN highlights various disability-owned business enterprises (DOBEs) through the DOBE Spotlight Series. If you’d like more information about USBLN’s Disability Supplier Diversity Program, please contact Cami@usbln.org.

2rbConsulting is a USBLN® certified service-disabled veteran disability-owned business enterprise (SDV-DOBE) and woman-owned staffing company specializing in technology solutions across all corporate, commercial, and government industries.

Photo of Betta BeasleyPrior to founding 2rbConsulting, Betta Beasley, the company’s CEO, led an interesting professional life. She served in the United States Army Security Agency as an Intelligence Analyst/Cryptologic Linguist. After serving her country, Betta became a software developer, and worked for startups in Silicon Valley as well as Fortune 500 companies from Washington, D.C., to Seattle. During that time, Betta rose through the ranks in the industry to the executive level, helping to grow companies from privately held start-ups to publicly traded global staffing industry leaders.

Although very successful working for other organizations, Betta always knew she wanted to build something, and make a difference in the world. She founded 2rbConsulting in 2007 to serve as a matchmaker for job seekers and corporations looking to hire top talent. Becoming certified through the USBLN’s Disability Supplier Diversity Program has been the catalyst to meeting key people in corporate organizations, allowing Betta to build strong relationships and the opportunity to participate in RFPs, BIDS, and proposals to which 2rbConsutling would otherwise not have be exposed. “Diversity certification is invaluable for us. It’s not only opened the door to new business, it has introduced us to like-minded diversity professionals who we now call friends and rely on to work together to advocate and support diversity, inclusion and accessibility in the workplace.”

When Betta speaks about her experiences with diversity certification, she emphasizes that being certified is only the first step. “Once you are certified, you need to show up and participate.” One way Betta and 2rbConsulting have chosen to participate is by becoming Host Sponsor for the USBLN 2018 Annual Conference, and attending regularly. “This takes time, effort and a budget but it is critical if you want to succeed.”

The USBLN’s Disability Supplier Diversity Program was designed to help certified DOBEs advance contract opportunities with corporations as well as government agencies. By having a procurement model based on diversity and inclusion, corporations and DOBEs achieve greater economic self-sufficiency, positive community impact, and strengthen the American economy. For more information about this certification program and others we provide, please contact Cami@usbln.org.

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