September 12, 2017
The Resource Network: A USBLN Certified DOBE® Making the Right Connections

USBLN highlights various disability-owned business enterprises (DOBEs) through the DOBE Spotlight Series. If you’d like more information about USBLN’s Disability Supplier Diversity Programplease contact 

The Resource Network (, a USBLN Certified DOBE® helps to connect resources within and between organizations to catalyze a multiplier effect that optimizes the bottom line.  Their services include Access and Information Integration; Business and Contact Intelligence; Partner Programs as well as Collaboration & Customer Relationship Management.  

The Resource Network

Rick Rodgers founded The Resource Network in 1989, after a successful career with several prominent national organizations, where he mastered the art of bridging perspectives to create cohesive high-performance teams. After experiencing a retinal detachment in the middle of a presentation, Rick became an official member of the disability community. While adjusting to the new reality of the loss of a significant portion of his eyesight, Rick developed new techniques that have not only helped him work effectively with diminished resources but also are beneficial to people without disabilities. 

Recently Rick was a featured speaker at a 2000-person event held at the MGM Grand at National Harbor, Maryland, where he spoke about his personal journey with disability, the power of vulnerability and the potential of mutual vulnerability. He shared work experiences where disclosing his disability became a powerful equalizer across cultural differences that ultimately fueled an environment of appreciative collaboration. 

The Resource Network system has been featured in Information Management Magazine and a case study by Progress Software, the global leader in application infrastructure software. The global sales solution was nominated for a Microsoft Industry Solution and selected as one of the best sales solutions in the world.  

Rick has served as the CFO for the Council of State Governments and several affiliated organizations, including the National Governors Association. His clients have included Ask Big Questions, the Federation of Tax Administrators, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, INTERSOLV / MERANT / Micro Focus; Special Olympics International. U.S. Trade and Development Agency, as well as the U.S.Department of Commerce. 

Rick Rodgers is a member of the DC Metro Business Leadership Network and the U.S. International Council on Disabilities. To learn more about The Resource Network, click here: 

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